Kornheiser takes buyout from Washington Post

May 14, 2008

Although he hasn’t written a column for The Post in what seems like forever, Tony Kornheiser made it official today — he’s taking a buyout and leaving the Washington Post. If you’ve paid attention, he’s made several hints at this on PTI over the past several weeks so this doesn’t come totally as a surprise, to me at least.

Nationally, Kornheiser is known obviously for his work on ESPN, particulalry PTI (one of my favorite shows) and Monday Night Football. But, before he became a “brand” he was one of the best columnists in the country who not only wrote about sports, but had a weekly column in the Post’s Style section. Those of us who grew up reading him can vouch to this. When he was in the zone, he could hang with the best of them and he’s combination of style, wit and general good writing made him a must read.

In recent years, he’s written less and less as other opportunities have presented themselves. People have blasted him for this, especially when his wingman, Mike Wilbon still writes somewhat regularly for the Post, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. A lot of the bashing comes from people who tend to have forgotten that TK has been working for the Post for nearly 30 years.

I wish him the best and, it’s not like he’s going anywhere. PTI’sstill going strong, his radio show is great and he still has MNF. But still, in the age of dying newspapers, it’s sad to see one I looked up to leaving. I’ll put his Bandwagon columns up against any series of sports columns past or present.