February 4, 2008


Giants 17, Patriots 14

Plain and simple — the best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen.


The official TBQ Super Bowl prediction

February 1, 2008


Let me start by saying this — while two weeks in between the Super Bowl may benefit the respective teams, giving them an opportunity to rest up and adequately plan of the game, for the rest of us — the media and the average fan, it’s torture.

Three or four days after the conference championship games, you’re already drained with predictions, analysis, features and on and on and on. So a full two weeks is murder and can almost make you not even care about the game.

I digress.

It’s hard for me to remember a Super Bowl that has generated this much hype leading up to the game. From Patriots QB Tom Brady’s “mysterious” ankle injury to another Manning making an appearance in the Super Bowl, I predict the Patriots-Giants game will be the most watched game in history.

To me, however, this game has the potential to be the most historic game in NFL history. At 18-0, the Patriots can become the first team ever to finish 19-0 and only the second team (’72 Dolphins) in the modern era to complete a season undefeated. On the flip side, at 13-6 and a surprise participant in the Super Bowl, the Giants have an opportunity to pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports. It would rival Douglas over Tyson, Villanova over Georgetown, the Miracle on Ice.

Either way, we have a once in a lifetime chance to say way saw history as it happened. So, for us, it’s a win-win situation.

Living in New England, I have had to stomach watching the Patriots every week on television. I’m not a fan, but I respect what they’ve done this season. I don’t see them coming this far to let it all slip away.

You heard it first — Patriots 31, Giants 20

How’s Tiki feeling?

January 30, 2008


So, if you’re Tiki Barber, where’s your head at this week?

Just a season ago, Barber was the captain and leader of the Giants. He announced early on that the 2006-07 season, would be his last, so for the entire year it was an informal going away tour for him. Many felt he was just reaching his peak and had several years left in him. But, to Tiki’s credit, he had interests outside of the game and wanted to pursue them.

After being courted by ESPN, FOX and others, he landed with NBC as a correspondent on the Today Show, but most notably on NBC’s Sunday night Football in America show. Early on, he was criticized heavily by calling out some of his former teammates and airing their dirty laundry — something that’s against the code of NFL players.

But as the season progressed, he found his niche and along with Bob Costas, Jerome Bettis and Cris Collinsworth, formed a decent team.

But one has to wonder, with the Giants in the Super Bowl and the only way he’ll be involved is as a reporter, is Tiki a bit salty? Apparently not. He seems content with where he is and is proud and supportive of his former teammates.

Yeah right, you know it’s eating him up on the inside.