Random Thoughts

May 1, 2008


-I’ve always wondered how long Johnny Dawkins would stay at Duke. With Coach K still very young (by coaching standards), it seemed it would be at least 8-10 years before the Duke job came open. And, even then, would he be named the successor.

While being the head assistant at one of the premier college programs in the nation is a great job, at some point one would think Dawkins would want to branch out for himself and get from under the shadow of Coach K.

So, when Dawkins accepted the Stanford job late last week, it was surprising, yet promising. I think Stanford is as perfect fit for Dawkins because of its similarities to Duke as far as athletics and academic requirements. And while Dawkins is a East Coast (D.C) guy and has never been heavily involved in the travel aspect of recruiting, I think he’ll be successful. Former coach Trent Johnson, who left for LSU established a solid foundation for Dawkins to come in and take it to the next level.

– We all saw how Barry Bonds was treated by the media during his last and finals days. We saw the scrutiny and harsh treatment Bonds received anytime he stepped outside of AT&T stadium. Many were quick to call racism and say Bonds was treated unfairly by the media and fans. On the flip side, many felt because Bonds had been a jerk throughout his career, the treatment he was receiving was well-deserved.

Part of me felt it was race and another part felt it was magnified simply because Bonds was the “biggest” name implicated thus far in the entire steroids scandal. I was curious to see what would happen when and if another star, particularly white, would come under fire.

So when Roger Clemens was first implicated in the Mitchell Report, I pulled up my seat to watch. Initially, as I wrote on here, I felt Roger was getting a pass. I was all ready to jump on the “call for bullshit” bandwagon.

But in the last few days with allegations of women of the side, coupled with everything that has taken place in the last few months with the congressional meetings and Brian McNemee and all that, methinks Roger Clemens has had an equal, if not worse, fall from grace.