Albuquerque Tribune folds

February 25, 2008

This past Saturday, the Albuquerque Tribune, an E.W. Scripps paper, published its last issues. In what was another shot in the arm to newspapers, the Tribune, which had a circulation of about 9,600, had to let go 38 editorial employees which obviously included the sports staff.

According to Joural-isms, eight journalists of color were on the staff of the New Mexico paper. Among those was sports editor, Mike Garcia. I don’t know Garcia, nor have ever heard of him before today. But when this happens, you feel bad. And I can only hope Mr. Garcia and others finds work soon.

The reality is, this will continue to happen. It’s no secret newspapers are losing money and corporations are going to cut costs no matter what it takes –even if that means shutting down a paper. One can only hope people in the industry are planning for the future, because newspapers certainly doesn’t offer a bright one.


Philly Inquirer fires Stephen A.

January 30, 2008


Not that even matters, because he still has his national ESPN Radio show, he’s a regular on ESPN’s NBA Shootaround and for some reason is a new expert of politics, but for the sake of news, the Philadelphia Inquirer fired Stephen A. Smith today, months after stripping him of his column and demoting him to a GA reporter.

Some people think this is big news, partly because of their distaste for the outspoken, brash Smith. But to me, this is a non-issue. Sure, that’s one less black reporter/columnist in the newsroom, but if you think he’s worried about losing his little newspaper gig, you’re fooling yourself.

 He’ll be just fine.