Is VY suffering from bitchassness?


Let’s look at the evidence — the last 3 years for Vince Young.

First of all, as the starting quarterback for the University of Texas, you walk on water. You are guaranteed an all-access pass to any and all of the ASSets the university and the city of Austin has to offer.

Then, you play in and win arguably the greatest college football game of all-time in a Rose Bowl victory over perennial power USC.

A few months later, despite questions of arm mechanics and Wonderlic socres, you’re drafted No. 3 overall by the Titans and instantly become a millionaire.

You become the starter in your rookie season, lead your team to several fourth quarter come-from-behind wins, earning a trip to the Pro Bowl.

After one season, you’re on the cover of Madden and lead your team to the playoffs. Even then, you supposedly considered leaving the game.

Now, in your third season, you have a bad day in the first game of the season, and you can’t take the heat?

To be fair, I, nor anyone else for that matter, seem to know the real deal to Young’s latest whine fest.

To recap, the Titans WON the game on Sunday, but VY didn’t have his best game and suffered a knee injury of some sort. Like every other QB in the league who has a bad day, he was booed. Apparantley, Young was down in the dumps later on and went missing for four hours, which alarmed close friends and family.

False alarm. He was and still is ok.


Emotionally is another story. By all accounts, it seems VY simply can’t handle the pressure. He has been the man all these years and now, because he’s not lighting up the NFL and the fans and media aren’t kissing his ass, he’s an emotional wreck.

News flash: It’s the NFL – a man’s league. Since that Rose Bowl game, I’ve been a fan and have wanted the best for Young. But this episode has left me in a state of indifference. So what they booed you. So what you didn’t have a great game.

Suck it up.

The name of this blog is the Black Quarterback. It’s in honor of the struggles minority quarterbacks have had to overcome. Are the smart enough? Do they have the skills?

Are they mentally strong?

Vince Young, one of the bright young black QBs in the NFL needs to show he’s mentally strong.

Or he’ll have a very short career.


2 Responses to Is VY suffering from bitchassness?

  1. lester is dumb says:

    of course vince is a bitch. fuck him.

  2. lester is dumb says:

    hes definitely not bright and his game has gotten worst. and his mom stepped in which is always a bad thing. QBs need to pass the ball. All of that scrambling should be a last resort scenario and not a main part of your game.

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