The next time you’re involved in a conversation with someone or you read a blog (including TBQ) and the subject is how the black athlete is always wrongly stereotyped by fans and sometimes the media, stop and think about players like Chris Henry.

It is because of the stupidity that he and others (Pacman) have shown, that messes it up for the masses who are behaving like they’re supposed to. It’s because of players like Henry that some folk think that a lot of our black athletes are just a bunch of overpaid thugs. Is it right, no? But when you hear stories about Henry, what do you expect the reaction to be.

In the latest entry to the Henry off the field saga, the 24-year-old was arrested for the fifth time this week after being accused of punching an 18-year-old in the face and breaking his car window with a beer bottle.

Seriously? WTF is this guy thinking?

For reasons unbeknowst to me, the Bengals kept giving Henry chance after chance after chance. And time after time, he kept finding himself in trouble. Part of me wonders who is giving this young brother advice and part of me feels sorry for him. But, on the other hand, part of me is like — you’re a grown man who has an opportunity that hundreds would do anything for, and you can’t behave? That, to me, is a problem I can’t solve.

But the team finally released the troubled wide receiver  today, saying “His conduct can no longer be tolerated.”

Some team will probably give Henry a chance. Maybe not this year, but he’s young enough that he has some time left. I just hope, for his  sake, that he will grown and give himself a chance to play, and not be in jail somewhere.


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