Is Larry getting a pass?


I grew up in one of the best eras of basketball — the 90s. Nothing was more exciting than coming home from church on Sunday afternoon and watching the NBA on NBC. And, come June, almost knowing MJ and the Jordanaires would contend for yet another title. Some of those great battles were between the Bulls and the Knicks. Jordan vs. Starks, Pippen vs. Oakley, Ewing vs. Cartwright.

Take away Mike and the Knicks probably would have one at least one championship in the 90s. But like the Jazz, Suns amd others, the Bulls were always there, standing in the way.

So even though I wasn’t a fan, the I respected the relevance on the Knicks and what they brought to the league. So, the last couple of years, it’s pained me to watch the team I grew up loving to hate, run in the ground by Isiah Thomas and the Knick management.  

Since the “Ewing era” the Knicks have been on a free fall and, since Isiah took over, the pace has been accelerated. Despite having one of the highest payroll in the league haven’t made the playoffs in seven years.

The blame has falling directly on Thomas, and rightfully so. From assembling a team full of 2-guards to his inept coaching skills, Thomas, unfortunately is the face of the Knicks’ downfall.

Because it’s one of th NBA’s signature franchises and because it’s New York, this situation has been magnified. But a similar situation is going on in Indiana and is slipping under the radar. Hall of Famer Larry Bird is the president of the Indiana Pacers and, like Thomas, has overseen his team fade into obscurity and become one of the laughing stocks of the league. But, unless you live in the Midwest, you probably don’t pay attention or don’t care.

Since the infamous brawl a few years back with the Pistons and coupled the with the retirement of the face of the franchise in Reggie Miller, the Pacers have struggled on the court. Off the court, former Pacer Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson and current players Jamal Tinsley have found themselves in off-the-court issues that have embarrassed themselves and the organization.  But another is going to pass with no playoff appearance for the Pacers. And really, nobody’s going to care. 

So while Isiah gets hammered in the media, where’s the uproar about Larry?


One Response to Is Larry getting a pass?

  1. AMP says:

    Before I answer let me say that I grew up as a 76ers fan and Dr. J was my DOG! I hated the Lakers and Boston because they cost us a couple titles. 1983 (Moses’ fo fo fo prediction) took away a lot of pain.

    I hated Bird and Magic… but Bird more because Doc and Bird played more and he used to kill Doc. Of course Doc was getting older, but I hated Bird anyway for giving it to Doc.

    I eventually started to like Bird and started to have respect for him when Doc left the game. Bird was a killer.

    Now, he’s killing the Pacers just as much as the Knicks. However, he isn’t spending all that money like Zeke. I actually had a business meeting with Zeke in NYC when he was running the CBA. I was at an investment firm and he came seeking financing. A group of us sat down with him and it turned out to be more of a photo op.

    I like Zeke but he wouldn’t be running my AAU team. Dolan is out of his damn mind for turning over the keys to him. Walsh is on board and he’ll fire Zeka in about 2 weeks and then he’ll get rid of whatever scrubs he can.

    I like the Knicks and I hope they get it together. I used to go to MSG back in the early 90’s when Ewing and Riley were doing their thing. I was at some playoff games too… still have a ticket stub from a Pacers game.

    Great work TBQ!

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