Candidate joins ESPN


For all the criticism ESPN garners, whether deserving or not, one of their biggest accomplishments is maintaining a level of diversity. From to their many television entities, theirs is always adequate representation of different race, age and gender. Because of this tWWL provides different “voices” to its fans and accurately reflects the many fans who come to the site, listen to their programming and watch their shows.

But for all the good stuff, I still felt they needed more black female anchors in-studio in Bristol. While Lisa Salters is a recognizable face at various events, prior to last year, there were no black females on any of the network’s flagship shows. It is well-documented that current GMA anchor Robin Roberts was the first black anchor ESPN hired and over the course of her time at ESPN/ABC, she has set the standard for black female sports anchors.

Last year, ESPN hired Sage Steele and since then, Steele has become a familiar on “First Take”, which airs every morning on ESPN2.  While no Roberts, Steele is solid at her job and, in my opinion, is quite fashionable as well.

The newest black female on-air talent at ESPN is Reischea (REE-SHAY) Candidate (pictured). Maybe it’s because I don’t watch ESPNEWS that often, but today was the first time I’d seen her on air. Apparently, she’s been in Bristol for about a month or so. Candidate didn’t have to come far as she was most recently a sports anchor/reporter for WNYW FOX in New York.

It’s good to see ESPN making moves to hire a diverse team, including young, attractive black women. I wish Candidate the best and I hope she does well.

As as, you know, she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the last black female anchor at ESPNEWS.

**Update: A reader points out that ESPNEWS anchor Cindy Brunson is also a talented minority female anchor. She completely slipped my mind. 


9 Responses to Candidate joins ESPN

  1. Kimberly Hardy says:

    FYI. Shame on your publication for NOT recognizing the most consistent black female anchor at the WWL for the last 8 years. Cindy Brunson mans the anchor desk on both ESPNews and SportsCenter.

  2. netsjetsfan says:

    I don’t think Cindy Brunson is black. If she is, she is probably mixed. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for not noticing, nine out of ten probably wouldn’t have either…and this is assuming the above poster is correct.

  3. Rashad says:

    Candidate is terrible. She constantly makes mistakes, forgets things, and she takes long pauses that would make Jim Rome jealous.

  4. Jean K. says:

    We miss her here in New York City, as she was the best thing (along with John Descipillo who also used to be at Fox5, but is now a part of Channel 2 News.), to happen to Fox in a long time. Still can’t understand why the ‘change’ with so many different Sports Anchors when she was doing such a good job, and she and John D. were a great team. I wish her much success (it does take time to get used to your new surroundings Rashad, and perhaps you could cut her a little slack in the hope that she will get better as time goes on? “There but for the Grace of God go I!”) in her new job and new city as well. God be with you Reischea.

    P.S. Perhaps it would have been better had MY9 NY kept you with them, as they are one of very few stations who have made so many drastic changes, especially when it comes to their ‘on-air’ personalities. They seem to have a much better track record, but then again, life is about growth and change. Take care.

  5. Wendell says:

    Kimberly Hardy is correct Cindy Brunsun is black. Yes, she is mixed but please don’t tell me that we are going to make that distinction are we. It’s 2008 people. And by we I mean you “netsjetsfan”.

  6. THEXFACTA says:


  7. Lester says:

    YES, we must make a distinction. Mixed people are not black nor are they white! They are mixed. As an EDUCATED black man, I resent the implication that a person with one drop of black blood is black – that defies logic and science.

  8. lester is dumb says:

    lester….a person with one drop of black blood is black.

    who cares how she does the news or any other woman? all i care is how hot they are. and she is hot.

  9. William says:

    Bi-Racial is different from be black and having features that are distinctively black

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