Does Favre remind you of ‘you’?


Like most of you, I’ve been drained by all this Brett Favre retirement coverage over the last couple of days.

To be clear, I respect Favre and think he’s had a great career, but the coverage (while very thorough) seemed over the top and was as if the man had died.

I’ve overheard and been in discussions with people as to why Favre warrented such coverage/attention. The consensus was that aside from his on the field accolade, fans and the media loved Favre because he was “everyman” He reminded the averaged fan/viewer of his or herself. From the way he “played like a kid” to his t-shirt and jean press conferences. He appeared to be a guy who you could see yourself having a drink with.

So the “He was one of us” theme was prevalent over the last couple of days, which kind of baffled me to an extent because Brett Favre doesn’t remind me of me.

This made me think and bring up another question. When’s the last time or when will there ever be a minority athlete who receives this treatment, because Warren Sapp certainly didn’t.

The first name that came to mind was MJ. Sure his first retirement was somewhat ceremonial but that so much of a surprise, people didn’t want to believe it. And his second retirement was uneventful.  In the NFL, Emmitt Smith when out quietly and we all are seeing what’s happening to Barry Bonds.

Methinks we probably won’t see this again — at least until Peyton Manning and/or Tom Brady retires.


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