Baby Daddy Drama

Mike Freeman of had a rather interesting column today concerning star running back Darren McFadden. I usually just skim over Freeman’s stuff from time to time, but this one caught my eye and after reading it, I think he makes some good points and raises a few issues.

Freeman points out that while McFadden may turn out to be the best play in this year’s draft, it would be a mistake for a team to draft him.


Well, basically McFadden doesn’t know how to strap it up and is about to head into the league in a hole with allegedly two children on the way. It will undoubtedly be an extra hassle for McFadden, but its something that he will be able to overcome.  But like Freeman, I believe that it’s troubling at 21 and about to fall into a bunch of money to be going through this.

 But it happens and as long as he’s responsible.

Here’s where I have a problem. Often times, the media tends to criticize and call out athletes for their infidelity and children out of wedlock. But this criticism isn’t equally distributed. In just the past couple of years, Tom Brady and Matt Leinart both had gone through baby mama drama, but have largely gone untouched in the media — except for Jemele’s column.

To be fair, LeBron, who has a couple of kids with his high school girlfriend has  not suffered any media criticism — that I can remember.

The bottom line is, there are already stereotypes about black athletes that the media pushes. I just hope McFadden and others are careful and don’t give the media fuel to add to the fire.


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