Is Keyshawn leaving ESPN?


Who didn’t see this coming?

As soon as Bill Parcells left ESPN to join the Miami Dolphins, the rumors started that Johnson wouldn’t be far behind. Now it appears that perception may soon be reality.

According to Yahoo! Sports, “MeShawn” has been training hard in Southern Cal in hopes of possibly landed with an NFL team this season. At 36, the obvious choice would be the Dolphins, but the Titans, who offered him a contract before he decided to go to ESPN, and Raiders are said to be interested.

Personally, I think Keyshawn has a couple of years left in the tank, but that’s not my concern.

If this pans out, it will be the second straight year ESPN will lose a popular, outspoken “analyst” Say what you will, but Johnson, in my opinion, is one of the best talents ESPN has. He knows his stuff and unlike where many of ex-players fail, he really gives a good sense of the players point of view. And, he’s controversial, which is good for ratings.

He is sort of like a watered down Michael Irvin, who was “let go” by ESPN the year before.


“The Playmaker” was my favorite analyst by far. He was loud, arrogant, dressed “weird” and had outlandish opinions. To me, I ate it up, but others detested it. His “antics” along with his off the field troubles made some not like him and though it was not official, I believe those troubles where the reason he was let go.

So, for me, this would be a huge loss for tWWL if Keyshawn returns to the gridiron. If so, my early vote goes to Marcellus Wiley to replace him.


One Response to Is Keyshawn leaving ESPN?

  1. MODI says:

    Huddy, file me in the category of those that couldn’t stand Irvin the broadcaster. Don’t get me wrong, he seems like a great guy to hang out and have a beer with. However, if I want to laugh, joke, and high five folks I’ll watch the game with my friends!

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