Jordan still leading the way


CNBC’s Darren Rovell has an intersting nugget in his awesome SportsBiz blog. He looks at how successful Michael Jordan still remains in the shoe business, despite being out of the NBA (playing at least) for nearly five years. In 2007, 40 of the top 50 basketball shoes were Jordan styles and overall, the Jordan brand is an $800 million brand.

To some this is surprising, but it shouldn’t be. Until recently, when I started having to pay my own bills and understood better the power of the dollar, I had every pair of Jordans. I had to. I wanted to jump higher, run faster and be cool.  Having Jordans was a status symbol. So, even though his playing days are over, the Jordan effect still resonates throughout basketball circles and on streets.

As long as Jordan is interested, he will have success in the shoe business. They are, as Page 2’s Todd Boyd says, the holy grail of basketball shoes.


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