Get well soon, Wilbon


I always get disappointed when PTI comes on and Wilbon is not there. But yesterday, with JA Adande pinch hitting, it appeared there was more to the story as co-host Tony Kornheiser said Wilbon has suffered some “chest pains” but was doing better.

Sure enough, courtesy of good friend, Roy S. Johnson, Wilbon indeed suffered a minor heart attack

I’m a big Wilbon fan and, as a young black sports journalists, he stands tall in my eyes. He is one of the few in today’s age of print media jumping to television and online, to continue to write on a regular basis. I can only imagine the wear and tear his body takes with obligations to ESPN/ABC, the Post and family.

 Here’s to a speedy recovery.


One Response to Get well soon, Wilbon

  1. jameil says:

    he rocks. GET BETTER!!

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