Reaching for Super Bowl stories?


For the first time since late July, there will no NFL this weekend. Men (and women) across the nation will collectively struggle to make it through the day on Sunday.

Whether its one or two weeks in between the conference championships and the big game there will always Super Bowl hype.

However this year, so far, the story-lines have been lackluster at best. Sure, the Patriots going undefeated is a big deal, but that’s been the talk of the league since beginning of the season and was really legitimized about Week 10. Then there’s Brady’s ankle (non) issue.

Last year’s Super Bowl, aka the Soul Bowl, gave members of the media a buffet of options leading up to Super Sunday. Of course, it started and ended with the Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith being the first black head coaches to lead a team to the Super Bowl. And, obivously, whoever won would be the first black coach to win a Super Bowl. So, from that perspective alone, last year saw a unique week of Super Bowl coverage. One that focused more on the social issues of the sport, just as much as the actual matchup between the Colts and Bears.

Oh yeah, it was Peyton Manning’s first Super Bowl also.

So unless someone makes a ridiculous guarantee or pulls a Eugene Robinson, we’ll see how well the journalists who descend on Glendale will do in trying to find and report different and unique stories.


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