Do (black folks) expect too much from Tiger?


At the risk of beating this Golfweek-Kelly Tilghman-Tiger Woods saga to death, this (hopefully) will be the last post concerning the matter.

It’s been well documented that Woods and Tilghman are friends, having developed a professional relationship during Woods’ tenure on the PGA tour and Tilghman’s time on the Golf Channel. So, when Tilghman dropped the imfamous “lynch” bomb, Woods stuck up for Tilghman just like any friend would and should do. To him, it was a non issue.

But to members of the black community, and some in the black media, Woods’ perceived nonchalant response wasn’t enough. Many felt that, because they felt offended and upset Woods should feel that same way. They wanted him to stand up for what was right and “represent”

 Page 2’s Scoop Jackson challenged Woods to speak up, continuing the legacy of his late father Earl.  Predictably, Rev. Al Sharpton was ready to march.  

On the other hand, the WP and PTI’s Michael Wilbon, who is friends with both Woods and Tilghman, sides with Woods and says we should move on.

Unfortunately for Woods, he will always face this dilemma if and when something like this comes up. Although he only considers himself partially black, the black community thinks otherwise and views him 100-percent black. So when we don’t feel that his reaction equals the magnitude of the situation, he runs the risk of being ripped in the media and in public opinion.

Woods is entitled to his opinion and is by no means obligated to speak up on racial issues. One can only hope that the media and fan’s views of Woods aren’t clouded because he isn’t perceived as being black enough.

Whatever that means.


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