Golfweek issues apology


It seems like forever and a day since The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman made her ridiculous “lynching” comments concerning Tiger Woods. Tilghman issued an apology and was placed on suspension. Many, including Woods, dismissed this as an unfortunate incident in which Tilkghman, in the midst of a live broadcast, chose a bad anaolgy to use.

But just when you thought the issue was dead, Golfweek Magazine, in their most recent issue, decided to put a picture of a noose on the cover, which, in return, opened the flood gates of complaints, shock and outrage.

According to Turnstile Publishing Co. president William J. Kupper, Jr. the original intent of placing the noose on the cover was to “convey the controversial issue with a strong and provocative graphic image.”

On one hand, I can understand Kupper and Golfweek’s logic, but on the other hand, I have to seriously wonder if they really thought putting that image on their cover would do them any good. As a new medium, have they not seen over the past year, the controversy and negative publicity any incident involving a noose has received? Jena 6? The professor at Columbia?

Predictably, the editor Dave Seanor was “replaced” and the magazine issued a nice public relations apology. But should it have even come to this point? One of the advantages of having diversity in the media is to be able to avoid situations such as these. I can only wonder how many, if any minorities sat in on the editorial meeting prior to this issue going to print.

My biggest beef isn’t the fact that the noose was printed on the cover. I just find it disturbing that it took the national media to get involved to people to see a problem.


One Response to Golfweek issues apology

  1. jameil says:

    WHAT!?!?!?! I can’t believe that’s the actual cover. ARE YOU ON DRUGS!! So obvious no black people saw the cover ahead of time. Or they were all sellouts. I can’t believe it got to print because if I was the printer I would’ve been like not in this place, not in this lifetime. UNacceptable.

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